The high-quality product, called colloquially the non-woven crop cover, is produced by enriching a polypropylene non-woven fabric with UV filter. Its resistance to atmospheric conditions and high air permeability are the guarantee of perfect protection of plants from adverse influence of environmental factors, such as, for example, excessive insolation or cooling.

Modern materials aiding the growth of plants, such as the AGRIBOND® non-woven crop cover, ensure a proper microclimate which results in better growth of plants and richer crop, with relatively lows costs.


  • high air and steam permeability
  • lightness
  • produces a favourable microclimate
  • protects the plants from harmful solar radiation
  • prevents the plants from overheating
  • improves the thermal conditions and protects from freezing during cold days
  • does not allow the production of steam which reduces the risk of diseases development
  • accelerates the vegetation of plants
  • protects the plants from pests and blocks the growth of weeds

Examples of application:


  • as a material covering the cultivated plants
  • as a material protecting the greenhouses from the sun

Composition: 100% polypropylene. The product does not contain formaldehydes.

List of standard basis weights:
17, 19, 21 g/m2

List of standard wounds:

17 - 21 g/m2 1000 mb

Standard width: 320 cm.

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